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Top 10 SAP BI Demo’s

If you’re looking for SAP BI demo’s, take your time to watch the video’s below: 1. Exploration Views Prototype 2. SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for the iPad 3. SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for the iPhone 4. Preview for BI 4.0 at BOBJ user conference 5. Mobile BI: Exploration Views Prototype on Samsung...


Use selectionscreen in Xcelsius

Since I work with Xcelsius (name in BI4 is Dashboard Design), I learn more and more clever tricks. One of the tricks that I recently discovered is, how to use “Dynamic Visibility” for a selection screen. By inserting a button into your dashboard, it’s possible to use the function Data...


SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards installation in combination with MS Office 2010

If you have MS Office 2010 installed and wants to install SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (Xcelsius Enterprise/Engage 2008), this post is interesting for you. When you start the installation of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards you will get the following message: This means you can only install SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2008 if...