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AverageIf function in Dashboards 4.0

In SAP Dashboards 4.0 not all excel functions are supported, for example the function”AVERAGEIF”. When you use this function in your dashboard and bind the cell to a component, the error “Unsupported Excel function: AVERAGEIF” will be displayed. This function can be very useful in some cases. To solve this issue, you...


Using “stylesheets” in BusinessObjects Dashboard Design?

Currently i’m working for a client to build financial dashboards in BusinessObjects Dashboard Design. After getting the requirements, a designing phase was started. The template designed for the dashboard was created by a user experience consultant. My assignment was to develop the dashboard based on the template. Every color, every...


Supported SAP BO Dashboard Design MS Excel functions

In the new release of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard Design there will be more MS Excel functions available. In the menu below you’ll find all supported functions. For convenience an explanation of each function is added. If your are interested in the added functions of the new release, you can download...


Interval selection via BICS connection

Is it possible to use interval selection on an object (i.e. month) using the standard SAP BICS connection? One of the solutions is to use the component “List Builder”. In this scenario you can only add individual months to your selection. End-users need to make simple selections with a minimum...


Countdown Virtual Launch SAP BI & EIM 4.0

Wednesday, February 23th 2011 is a special day for all SAP BI & EIM consultants. This day the virtual launch of SAP BI & EIM 4.0 take place. In order to don’t miss this event, I thought I create a countdown in SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards. Don’t miss this great event...