Custom color palette BI 4.0

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  1. Hi Pieter,

    Great to see that you managed to solve this issue we faced back in the days. Looks like we were close to the solution back then..

    Pieter H

  2. Hmm I made all the chnages, renamed the file, restarted Tomcat, SIA and the server itself to no avail. Running SAP BI 40 SP2 Patch 5 on Tomcat/Apache, all on one box.

    • Hi Andreas,

      Sorry for the delay! One thing is very important to know. Current reports with charts are not automatically converted. You need to create a new chart, then the colors will be used.
      Keep in mind that there are no errors in the “VisualizationConfig.xml” file.

      Please let me know when if it works. You can also send me an email with your file attached (VisualizationConfig.xml). I can check the file if it works on my BI4 server.


      • Kinjal Shah says:

        Hi Pieter,
        I understood the whole procedure, but had one doubt regarding it.When we add RGB colors to the config file we need to add how many RGB colors to it.We are on SAP BO 4.0SP6.We are building a stacked column chart which is divided into three parts and for this three parts we need to give a custom color.
        I hope I have made myself clear.
        Thanks in advance.

    • NEL says:


      Thank you for the tip. Also, I would like to know how can we select this default palette in the drop down list.


      • Hi Nel,

        It’s not possible to select the palette from the dropdown list. When inserting a new diagram into your report, the default color palette will be automatically selected.


  3. Yoav says:

    Hi Pieter,

    Can you specify which XML files should be changed in BOXI 3.1



    • Hi Yoav,

      I apologize that I don’t know how to fix this. I have a little experience with BOXI 3.1. I know that the chart engine in BI4 is changed from the earlier version.

      Could you find any other XML file in one of the directories on the server?


  4. Yoav says:

    Thanks Piteter,

    I have found the relavent file named :defaultConfig.xml

    located under tomcat–>Web Intelligence.



  5. Chris says:

    HI Pieter,

    Very informative and helpful! Can you tell me if you believe this approach could provide patterns to cells as well? Another gap we noticed in Deski to Webi 3x-4.


  6. Jacob says:

    Hi, Pieter. My team is currently working with technology in our organization to package BO 4.0 for deployment across our group; however we do not currently have a build to test against. I’m working on our default templates ahead of time and had a question. There are 32 colors defined by default in VisualizationConfig.xml. I’m wondering if the XML file must contain 32 colors or would everything still function with either more or less colors being defined?

    Thank you!

  7. Sid says:

    Hi Pieter,

    We are in SAP BO 4.2 SP3. Can we add multiple custom palettes in the VisualizationConfig.xml file, apart from the Corporate one already present in there so that the custom palette is available across the server to all the users through BI Launchpad.

    Thank you


    • Hi Sid,

      I think that this solution has not been changed during the time. You can still use the custom made palettes next to the standard palettes. Take into account that you need to configure this file on each server in the landscape.


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