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Adapt your SAP BW and SAP BO authorizations

When employees in your organization need authorization for SAP BW and SAP BO, assignments of authorizations need to be executed in both tools. When you have to do this for some users, the work is limited. If you, however, receive a request for many users, it would be nice if...


Hierarchies and formatting rules

A few weeks ago I was called by a SAP BO consultant, his name is Raoul Labega. He told me he was working on a project in Denmark. During this project he found a very good function in WebI that developers can use in combination with hierarchies. He wants to share...


Disable SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 LiveOffice plugins

After installing SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 LiveOffice you can enable or disable the plugin for an Microsoft Office program. Today I installed LiveOffice on the laptop of my client, after the installation MS Outlook was not able to start. So disabling the plugin for MS Outlook was necessary. Disabling plugins is...