Currently i’m working for a client to build financial dashboards in BusinessObjects Dashboard Design. After getting the requirements, a designing phase was started. The template designed for the dashboard was created by a user experience consultant.
My assignment was to develop the dashboard based on the template. Every color, every font, all allignments are set by the user experience consultant.
During the project, some colors are changed. I was looking for a simple solution in Dashboard Design to use some kind of stylesheets. I can recommend this solution if you’re looking for a best practice.

In the demo below I used a radio button to switch between two stylesheets. I’m showing this functionality only to see that you can have more than one stylesheet in a dashboard.

How does this look like under the hood?

In the Excel worksheet I typed the hexadecimal values. You need this to link the values to the properties of the components. RGB color codes are not allowed.

Choose a color or link it to a hexadecimal value.

After linking the hexadecimal value, the linking cell is visible.

If some color requirements are changing during the project, you can change easy the hexadecimal value and all graphics, texts, bullits, etc. will be updated to the new color.

For those who are interested in the source file, download it here.