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Documentation in ABAP

Hi readers of pieterverstraeten.com, All SAP BI developers know that you can’t develop a good BI solution without ABAP. But when the developer has a lot of code been written in the system, other consultants (and the client itself) cannot easy identify what kind of functionality is implemented. During the years several consultants...

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Adapt your SAP BW and SAP BO authorizations

When employees in your organization need authorization for SAP BW and SAP BO, assignments of authorizations need to be executed in both tools. When you have to do this for some users, the work is limited. If you, however, receive a request for many users, it would be nice if...

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Generated demodata for SAP BW InfoCube

All consultants have the experience to make a quick demo in SAP BW, but demodata is sometimes an issue. If you need to create a demo in a short time, use an ABAP program that will generate the data for you. Follow these instructions to fill your InfoCube with generated...