If you installed SAP BO BI4 on top of a SAP BW 7.x system, users can login with their own SAP BW account. But if there are more source systems (i.e. non SAP), users need te be logon with different usernames. This is not a practical situation, also when you want to use SSO via ActiveDirectory. All these problems can be fixed by configuring SimpleUsernames.

If you logon to the CMC and view the user list, you see users in the current format:

– “BI1″ means the system ID
– “100” means the client ID

If you want to use SSO via Active Directory and combine more source system, so users can logon with one username, you need to configure SimpleUsernames in BI4.

1. Open your windows register via Start –> Run –> type “regedit”
2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SAP BusinessObjects\Suite XI 4.0\Enterprise\Auth Plugins\secSAPR3
3. Modify the parameter “SimpleUsernameFormat”, change the value from “No” to “Yes”
4. Exit the register
5. Restart the SAP BO BI4 server

After restarting the BI4 server, you can change the username to your own format. The sytem- and client ID can be removed from the username. Now the user “TESTPV” can logon with one single username. In the CMC you can configure more authentication methods for this user. In the next example I’ll configure the user as Enterprise user:

1. Open the CMC, open the properties for the user. One alias is assigned to the user.

2. Now click on “New Alias”
3. Select Authentication Type “Enterprise”
4. Create a new password and click “Update”
5. A new alias had been created, the user “TESTPV” can also be logon with his new Enterprise account