A few weeks ago I was called by a SAP BO consultant, his name is Raoul Labega. He told me he was working on a project in Denmark. During this project he found a very good function in WebI that developers can use in combination with hierarchies. He wants to share this information with other developers via www.PieterVerstraeten.com. In this post he explains how to use the “Depth()” function in WebI.

Alerters are a way to draw attention to specific parts of your report. For example when certain thresholds are met and action must be taken. In SAP BO BI4 these alerts are created using formatting rules. In the example below you see red text when the Sales Volume exceeds 60.000.000 euro’s.

But if you take a closer look you also see that the first line, 173.417.082 euro is not printed in red. This is definitely more than 60.000.000 euro. The threshold is not set for the total product hierarchy. After expanding the Machines we see another threshold for  Pumps, if the Sales Volume exceeds 40.000.000 euro. Although the same Sales Volume of 43.546.066 euro occurs on the Machines-level, it is not highlighted on this level.

And we can do the same trick again on another level.

Here we set the threshold on a Sales Volume of 10.000.000 euro’s.

So how is it possible to highlight different threshold on different levels? You have to use the set function “Depth()“. If you specify not only the threshold value in your formatting rule but also the level depth, you can specify where the threshold will be active.

Formatting rule 1:

Formatting rule 2:

Formatting rule 3:

After these steps you’re able to use formatting rules in combination with hierarchies in SAP BO WebIntellignce.


Raoul Labega and Pieter Verstraeten