Last 5 years I worked a lot with SAP BW, debug BEx query’s, ABAP, etc. The debug mode could easily be found. Since I’m working with BI4 I was not aware how to debug reports in WebIngelligence, because it’s an web interface and all the Java errors are difficult to read. When your are developing WebI reports, you will certainly once encountered an error (i.e. The report cannot be generated….java….). In WebI it’s possible to debug with a hidden feature! What kind of options you have to debug:
– Used memory
– Performance
– ReportOutput
– Event messages
– Document properties
– Execute action


How to debug!
– Open your WebIntelligence report in design mode
– Hold your left SHIFT key down
– Go with your mouse to the left corner of the browser screen (see picture below)
– The debug screen will be opened! Refresh you report and see what’s happening inside the debugscreen.
– DebugTime :-)

I’ll thank my colleague Markus Edelmann who find this feature together with me.